my bike was standing out of the box in which it flown from Kathmandu, just outside Richard's house. He put it together for me the same they he picked it.
We spent the day together with his parents. It was a nice evening. Next day very eearly in the morning I set of for a last leg of my trip. 400 miles up north to Edinburgh where I hope to meet my wife who is coming back from the US same day and she should be home before I get there.
The road was long and exhausting. I got rid off broken screen in Pakistan and broken fender in Kathmandu so I had no wind protection whatsoever. And it was raining like hell. I did managed to get to edinburgh late afternoon. My friends who were suppose to pick up my wife from the airport told me that her flight was delayed. She eventually made it and we finally met back inside the house. It was great to see her after all those months.


The world is very small. Not long time ago, in +40 Celsius, I was speeding through Iranian and Pakistani deserts and here he is. He phoned me from the Czech Republic and came next day. We celebrated this meeting with beers in many of the finest krakow's underground pubs. I did phoned many of my friends and we celebrated till 5 am! it was nice to talk about our adventures in wider public.

He couldn't stay longer than one day so we said bye bye and see you in London, in Richards house, when my bike was waiting for his owner.
It's New Years Eve tomorrow. Have a nice party everybody. I am so skinny that I'll most definatelly stay at home with family.

3rd of January I'll go with my my brother to Berlin, Germany where he has been leaving for 8 years. Then on the 8th I'll fly to London, UK to meet Richard again and pick up my bike. Next day I will set off for a 400 miles trip up North to Edinburgh. My wife comes back fromthe US on the 9th. Super planning.


Christmas, Christmas and it's all over again. It's cold here. Not as cold as it it usually in high mountains in poland but still. I'm super unprepared for this. I steal jumpers and jackets from my youngest brother. Thanks heaven he's got similar body.
it's been 8 days already in Poland. Flight from Dehli was a murder. It took 10 hours to get to Milan in Italy. Then I waited 2 hours for a plane to Krakow, Poland which took another 2hours. I didn't even feel like looking outside the window. When I got to Krakow my friend was waiting for me with my favorite beer in his hand. God It felt good.
I spent christmas with my Family anf friends. My mother was overjoyed by my safe return. There were presents and more presents. Every now and then everybody was asking me -"how do you look,man? you look like death. Eat something." I have lost 30 pounds in those months on the road but my stomach got so used to $2 a day budget that I really couldn't eat much. I finally got some weight back but it took few days.
this guy on my left is one of my best friends and I haven't seen him for almost 10 years. we used to move mountains together when we were younger. With the one in the middle I haven't spoken for 9 months. It was very nice to see them again. We drunk an "ocean of alcohol". We also did "bobsleigh" but this is a story for another time.

there have been walks with my brother's dog, Boris, a huge Rottweiler which I absolutely love. There was a lot of food as well which was good because I started to gain some weight. It was different though from everything I have experienced in last months. Hot water whenever I want, food served to the table, not cooked outside my tent, heating, etc.

3rd of January i'll be going with my other brother to Berlin, Germany where he's been leaving for last 8 years. From there I'll fly to London, UK on the 8th. I will pick up my beloved commrade 1150 GS and by land I get to Edinburgh, where I finally hug my wife who comes back from the US on the 9th. Perfect planning.

Hello and good happy New Year from freezing Rabka.

17,12 Dehli. India

This must be the end. Today i left Kathmandu and got after 1.5 hours to Dehli. Himalaya from the sky look beautiful, magnificent!! dehli much less. I reached my hotel after 1h of mad driving. It was dark. Traffic was terrible, taxi driver stopped and asked me to walk!After quick shower i went to eat something. I was attacked almost immediately.This is my shop...buy this...buy that...flute?Tomorrow i have to get to the airport again. at 2:50 am i am flying to Krakow. I cannot wait.

14.12. Kathmandu. Pashpatinath and Great Boudda.

11.12 KTM

i have running nose and i have just sneezed 5 times in a row.This is my absolute personal recors! i have never managed more then 2 times. I am ill since two days. This is of course my fault. I am spending whole days sitting on the roof with no t-shirt on, reading Clive Cussler, evenings the temeratue drops significantly and i cannot put something warmer on. When thinking of it, whole trip i have been wearing nothing but motorcycle gear which was very warm. Since my bike is away i am left with few t-shirts and a sweat shirt. that's it. Though,Aspirin, polopiryn and few other 40 % medicins should help.
Last few days after shipping my GS were slow. Kathmandu isn't a special place. More like a stop before climing mountains or shipping bike further east. I have visited few places, quite interessting. But after 10 days i have nothing left to do. Tomorrow I will go to Pashupatinath where you can experience a dead body burning ceremony. It should be quite an experience.
everyday, hundreds of people want to sell me something. Bracelet, fruit, flutes, tiger oil,cannopy etc. Cannopy is everywhere and you can smell it everywhere.
I said bye to my french friends whom i met in POkhara. They flew to Goa to have some fun on the beach.

It is a very dirty place. tons of rubbish lying on the streets. It doesn't seem to bother anyone but tourist.
I have visited "my kids" again. It was my last visit. They were very happy to see me. Unfortunately i did not have much time this time. VSN have located 2 new volunteers in Shining Stars, so this was an oportunity to go and see them. I have managed to take some photos. They just loved it. Kids wrote few letters to Tasha and Buzz.

I am learning how to cook simple nepali food. Gamju work in my hotel as a do-everything-what-is-requested-from-you-boy. I have learned to cook Dalbat and milk tea (seriously simple;)

Still 6 days to kill. On MOnday i fly to Dehli, one day later to krakow. It will take only 13 hours!!it is hard to believe somehow that from the day the Idea was born till now it's been almost a year. Time flies, especialy when you having fun.

5.12 Nagarkot. 6:30 am

Nagarkot is close to KTM. With public transport it takes however 2hrs. Wrecked bus climbed all the way from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. But it was absolutely worth. We left hotel at 5 am and marched 5km to the view tower on the top of mountain. It was freezing cold. Mountain range from Everest to Langtang in sight.